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Top properties
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Building permits
The following building pemrits have been issued recently. Permits include all commercial projects above $10,000, as well as residential homes valued above $250,000.

New applications
2980 Squalicum Pkwy. 201, $35,000 for tenant improvements at Lab Corp. USA. Owner: Bellingham BSC LLC. Applicant: The Franklin Corporation.

4280 Meridian St. 101, $32,000 shell improvement to create a “Vanilla Box” space and add a restroom. Owner: Norman F. Chang and Wintergreen LLC. Contractor: The Franklin Corporation.

119 N. Commercial St. 540, $13,000 tenant improvements for Ron Hardesty’s fifth-floor attorney’s office. Owner: Bellingham Towers LLC. Contractor: Owner indicates work is exempt.

2227 Old Lakeway Dr., $323,225 for a new single-family residence with finished daylight basement and attached garage. Owner: SMW Construction. Contractor: SMW Construction.

4307 Samish Crest Dr., $350,425 for a new single-family residence with attached garage. Owner: Mickey and Carole Ghio. Contractor: Dykstra Construction Services.

320 Lakeway Dr., $11,000 for two internally illuminated signs for Cool Beans. Owner: Wayne D. and Carol A. Howard. Contractor: CDI Custom Design.

2211 Rimland Dr. 230, $30,000 for tenant improvements: combine suites 230 and 200. Owner: Haggen Talbot Co. Contractor: Scoboria Construction.

247 W. Bakerview Rd., $1,086,560 for an addition to an existing commercial parking structure. Owner: Komenda Capital Corp. Contractor: Wellman & Zuck Construction.

2925 Newmarket St. 108, $15,000 for tenant improvements to a new ice cream retail store. Owner: Talbot Real Estate LLC. Contractor: Owner.

909 Lakeway Dr., $10,100 for an internally illuminated sign: Re/Max Whatcom County Inc. Owner: 913 Building LLC. Contractor: Signs Plus Inc.

Pending permits
1600 Ellis St., $25,000 for an entry canopy. Owner: DBG Inc. Applicant: MCG Architecture.

207 E. Holly St., $45,000 for tenant improvements for a restaurant. Owner: Robert K. Hall. Applicant: Wanda Kazemzadeh.

920 W. Bakerview Rd., $1.5 million for a new commercial building for a branch bank. Owner: Whidbey Island Bank. Applicant: FSI Architects.

1200 Old Fairhaven Pkwy. 204, $50,000 for tenant improvements to a professional office. Owner: 12th Street Village LLC. Applicant: Nord Northwest Corp. Contractor: Nord Northwest Corp.

3110 Woburn St. 105, $15,000 for tenant improvements to an office. Owner: Dahlia Building LLC. Applicant: Talbot Real Estate. Contractor: Owner.

2950 Newmarket St. 104, $12,000 for tenant improvements: change meeting room into two offices. Owner: Talbot Real Estate. Applicant: Dave Scoboria. Contractor: Scoboria Construction.

1 Bellis Fair Pkwy. 302, $67,000 for tenant improvements: interior remodel of an existing retail space. Owner: Bellis Fair Partners. Applicant: Express Permits.

4545 Cordata Pkwy., $230,000 for extension of a “feature” stair from the first floor to the basement at Madrona Medical Group. Owner: Koniag Development Corp. Contractor: Remco-Deacon.

1100 McKenzie Ave., $480,000 for a foundation for a future multi-use commercial/residential building. Owner: Ebenal Homebuilders. Contractor: Ebenal Homebuilders.

1319 Commercial St., $100,000 for the construction of a tavern. Owner: Amy Mann.

3883 Hammer Drive, $106,000 for a new commercial building. Owner: Fountain Construction Inc. Applicant: Mark Costello.

1020 Railroad Ave., $1.9 million for a new mixed-use building (first floor commercial, second through fifth floors residential). Owner: Morse Square Condominium LLC. Applicant: West-Lind Construction.

2115 Barkley Blvd., $1.1 million for a new two-story commercial building. Owner: Green Shoe Property LLC. Applicant: RMC Architects. Contractor: Emerald Builders Inc.

1750 Moore St., $90,000 for automated batting cages. Owner: JFJ Company. Applicant: Credo Construction. Contractor: Credo Construction.

423 W. Bakerview Road, $405,000 for a new commercial building. Owner: Bert H. Ausbourne. Applicant: Faber Brothers Construction.

420 W. Bakerview Road, $251,100 for a new commercial building. Owner: Bert H. Ausbourne. Applicant: Faber Brothers Construction.

415 N. Forest St., $300,000 for a remodel of an existing residence, including first, second and third floor renovations. Owner: Erik Hokanson. Applicant: Thomas Lawrence.

3140 St. Clair St., $290,000 for a new single-family residence. Owner: Elmford Construction. Applicant: Homer Taheri.

3410 Woburn St. 203, $57,000 for tenant improvements to offices. Owner: FFB Inc. Applicant: Franklin Corp.

3140 St. Clair St., $290,000 for a new single-family residence. Owner: Elmford Construction. Applicant: Homer Taheri.

415 Bayside Road, $500,000 for a new single-family residence. Owner: Shetabi Houshang. Applicant: Moceri Construction.

202 E. Holly 101, $300,000 for tenant improvements for a new restaurant. Owner: EWHA Incorporated. Applicant: Peter Wasley.

115 Unity St., $70,000 for commercial remodel of restrooms. Owner: Dreamboat Harbor LLC. Applicant: Abbott Construction Co. Contractor: Abbott Construction Co.

1100 block of McKenzie Ave., $200,000 for a new parking garage. Owner: Jacaranda Land Corporation. Applicant: Stuart Stovin.

1100 McKenzie Ave., $1.95 million for a new mixed-use building (the Young Building). Owner: Jacaranda Land Corporation. Applicant: Stuart Stovin.

1308 12th St., $1 million for commercial renovation of the Waldron Building. Owner: Jacaranda Land Corporation. Applicant: Stuart Stovin.

340 W. Bakerview Road, $45,000 for a new employee kitchen. Owner: Western Mortgage Development. Applicant: JPC Architects.

Top properties
The following is a list of recent commercial and high-end residential property sales in Whatcom County. Top properties is compiled by Wendy Darling, with assistance from the county treasurer’s and assessor’s offices.

Residences above $500,000
Seller: Allan Engstrom
Buyer: Eric Valum
Description: 1 -story house with 2,204 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, built in 1970, 672 sf attached garage, 320 sf patio; marine view.
Address: 512 Briar Road, Bellingham
Price: $618,000
Date: 12/30/06

Seller: Ronald and Joni Clark
Buyer: Michael and Leslie Lebeau (Little River, CA)
Description: 1 –and a half story house with 2,046 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, built in 1975, 506 sf carport, 64 sf patio, 1.00 acre wooded land; marine view.
Address: 4600 Fieldston Road, Bellingham
Price: $1,100,000
Date: 01/06/06

Seller: Jody Pelo
Buyer: James and Anne-Mairi Schoenecker (Brownwood, TX)
Description: 2 -story house with 4,020 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, built in 1996, 862 sf attached garage, 1,027 sf deck, 1.14 acres land.
Address: 640 Linden Road, Bellingham
Price: $819,000
Date: 01/10/06

Seller: Uros Lukic
Buyer: Whitworth Park, LLC
Description: 2 -story house with 1,470 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, built in 1946, 420 sf
detached garage, 6.46 acres wooded land.
Address: 1130 Xenia St., Bellingham
Price: $1,200,000
Date: 01/17/06

Seller: Vince and Ruth Hemingson (Florence, AZ)
Buyer: Stanley Streubel (25% interest) The Estate of Bonnie Streubel (25% interest) Stanley and Kitty Streubel (25% interest and Teddy and Tarrin Warren (25% interest).
Description: 1 -story house with 2,235 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, built in 1955, remodeled in 1988, 294 sf carport, 672 sf attached garage, 400 sf deck, 6,800 sf horse barn, farm buildings, 16.67 acres land.
Address: 6764 Guide Meridian and Beard Road, Lynden
Price: $1,333,000
Date: 01/18/06

Seller: Roy and Margery Eaton (Mill Creek, WA)
Buyer: Frank Boren and Gail Simpson-Boren
Description: 1 -story house with 2,836 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, built in 2002, 950 sf attached garage, 390 sf patio.
Address: 8715 Wood Duck Way, Blaine
Price: $725,000
Date: 01/19/06

Seller: Terrence and Gaye MacDonald
Buyer: Robert and Whitney Knickrehm
Description: 2 -story house with 2,520 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 1 bath, 448 sf attic, built in 1891, remodeled in 1990, 240 sf detached garage, 452 sf deck.
Address: 2324 Lynn St., Bellingham
Price: $615,000
Date: 01/25/06

Seller: Thomas Johnston, Ann Friedman
Buyer: Douglas Penn Drake
Description: 1 -story house with 1,312 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, built in 1929, 418 sf finished basement, 480 sf detached garage, 156 sf deck; marine view.
Address: 809 17th Street, Bellingham
Price: $673,500
Date: 01/27/06

Seller: Gene and Maralee Bouma
Buyer: Ronald and Donna Carlson (Bothell, WA)
Description: Two houses on property: 1) 1-and a half story house with 4,878 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, built in 1989, 1,096 sf attached garage, 222 sf patio. 2) 1-story house with 1 bedroom, 1 bath, (no sfage available) built in 1997, 2,672 sf built-in garage, 1,527 sf storage, 4.63 acres land.
Address: 7349 Old Guide Road, Bellingham
Price: $1,295,000
Date: 01/30/06

Seller: John Perry and Sarah Wilborn
Buyer: Briar Development, LLP
Description: 1 -story house with 1,008 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, built in 1928, 336 sf detached garage.
Address: 1409 13th St., Bellingham
Price: $600,000
Date: 01/31/06

Seller: John Perry
Buyer: Briar Development, LLC
Description: 1 -story house with 1,216 square feet, 2 bedrooms, 1 baths, built in 1923, 324 sf detached garage.
Address: 1401 13th Street, Bellingham
Price: $600,000
Date: 01/31/06

Seller: John and Joan Cady
Buyer: Timothy and Janet Murphy (Lima, OH)
Description: 2 -story house with 3,631 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, built in 2002, 841 sf attached garage, 1,200 sf detached garage, 1,096 sf patio with roof; territorial view.
Address: 5830 Willow Springs Way, Ferndale
Price: $690,000
Date: 01/31/06

New houses
Seller: Eide Homes, Inc.
Buyer: James and Jenny Pensiero
Description: St. Andrews Green
Address: 8870 Cormorant Court, Blaine
Price: $803,620
Date: 01/05/06

Seller: Fairhaven Gardens, LLC
Buyer: Richard and Loretta Kelly
Description: New condo with 1,934 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, built in 2005, includes a deck and storage space, 1 enclosed parking space, 1 handicapped parking space; marine view.
Address: #501, Fairhaven Gardens, 1134 Finnegan Way, Bellingham
Price: $763,133.52
Date: 01/06/06

Seller: Leroy and Janice Wiebe
Buyer: Carol Jansen
Description: New 1 -story house with 2,855 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, built in 2005, 800 sf attached garage, 910 sf patio; good marine and territorial view.
Address: 5763 Nakat Way, Blaine
Price: $1,000,000
Date: 01/20/06

Residential land
Seller: Richard Hawley and Gerald Brown dba Richards Agency International
Buyer: Windsor Crest Holdings
Description: 5.94 acres residential land.
Address: Boundary Bay Road, Point Roberts
Price: $225,000
Date: 12/22/06

Seller: Charlotte Olson, Greg Olson, Rane Olson, Rozanne Olson Stevens, Joanne Olson Castles, Jack Olson
Buyer: Whiskey Creek, LLC
Description: 25.65 acres agricultural land zoned residential.
Address: Portal Way and Newark Road, Ferndale
Price: $1,040,125
Date: 12/22/06

Seller: K. Bradley and Eyvonne Williamson
Buyer: Jay and Florence Taylor
Description: Residential lot with marine and territorial views.
Address: Matsqui Place, Blaine
Price: $500,000
Date: 12/22/06

Seller: Jeffrey and Jane Vlasic
Buyer: Kenneth and Helen Daugs
Description: 2 residential lots with marine views.
Address: South State Street, Bellingham
Price: $430,000
Date: 12/30/06

Seller: South Fork Investments, LLC
Buyer: Wilshire Developments
Description: 20.51 acres residential land.
Address: Everson Goshen Road, Everson
Price: $500,000
Date: 01/06/06

Seller: Bryan Maksmetz (Coquitlam, B.C.)
Buyer: Kaye and Ronald Morgan
Description: Residential lot with 49 feet shorefront and marine view.
Address: 3251 Northshore Road, Bellingham
Price: $250,000
Date: 01/13/06

Seller: Michael and Laurie Nelson
Buyer: Exceptional Homes, LLC (Redmond, WA)
Description: Wooded residential lot in St. Andrew’s Green.
Address: 8845 Bald Eagle Drive, Blaine
Price: $234,900
Date: 01/26/06

Seller: Durk DeJager
Buyer: Tiger Construction, Ltd.
Description: 13.66 acres agricultural land zoned for residential use.
Address: Mission Road, Everson
Price: $387,500
Date: 01/30/06

Commercial land
Seller: Frank and Beverly Renlie, John and Molly Beck, William and Frances Davis (Lake Forest Park, WA)
Buyer: Beach Construction Inc.
Description: 4.95 acres residential land zoned for general commercial use.
Address: 4320 Meridian St., Bellingham
Price: $300,000
Date: 12/22/05

Seller: Marvin and Linda Tjoelker
Buyer: Jerry Blankers, Paul Kenner, Bob Kidell, Herm Douma (25% interest each).
Description: 35.00 acres land zoned agricultural. Sale includes a 1-and a half story house with 2,810 sf, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, plus bonus room, built in 1922, remodeled in 1999, 1,104 sf detached garage (built in 1999), farm buildings.
Address: 349 West Main St., Lynden
Price: $1,640,000
Date: 12/22/05

Seller: West Bakerview Center
Buyer: Bakerview Development, LLC
Description: 1.74 acres commercial land.
Address: West Bakerview Road, Bellingham
Price: $1,000,000
Date: 01/05/06

Seller: Glen Oostema
Buyer: AFS AT-1, Inc.
Description: 78.19 acres land zoned for agricultural use, sale includes a house and farm buildings; territorial views.
Address: 1752 Kamm Road, Lynden
Price: $950,000
Date: 01/09/06

Seller: TSB Investments, LLC
Buyer: Cornwall Properties, LLC
Description: 4 1/2 lots commercial land.
Address: 1115 Cornwall Ave., Bellingham
Price: $700,000
Date: 01/06/06

Seller: Trimark II, IV, and XIV LLC (Pacific, WA) (20% interest each) and Trimark – Lynden (40% interest)
Buyer: Trillion Venures, LLC (Pacific, WA)
Description: 1 lot commercial land in the Marketplace at Lynden; territorial view.
Address: Guide Meridian Road, Lynden
Price: $558,823
Date: 01/10/06

Seller: Steven Blomquist, Michael Olinger, and Timothy Blomquist, (1/3rd interest) Carol Gillespie (1/3rd interest) and Larry Blomquist (1/3rd interest).
Buyer: Donald Leavitt (Bellevue, WA)
Description: 68.81 acres wooded agricultural land zoned for residential use. Sale includes a 1 –and a half story house with 1,947 square feet, built in 1900 and farm buildings.
Address: 2717, 2720 and 2733 Thornton Road, Ferndale
Price: $1,000,000
Date: 01/11/06

Seller: Elite Developments, Inc. and Woodstock International, Inc.
Buyer: The John Volken Foundation
Description: 4.27 acres land zoned for light industrial use, old house of no economic value on property.
Address: 4411-4421 Meridian St., Bellingham
Price: $1,625,000
Date: 01/12/06

Seller: Talbot Real Estate, LLC
Buyer: Shamrock Properties, LLC
Description: Zoned part industrial
Address: 2065 Barkley Boulevard, Bellingham
Price: $290,000
Date: 01/13/06

Seller: Talbot Real Estate, LLC
Buyer: David and Susan Adich
Description: zoned commercial
Address: 2065 Barkley Blvd, B’ham
Price: $320,000
Date: 01/17/06

Seller: C. H. and Mary McElroy
Buyer: Wright Angle, LLC
Description: Commercial land zoned fringe community.
Address: Holly Street, Bellingham
Price: $7,500
Date: 01/20/06

Seller: Maris Capital, Inc.
Buyer: Dana and Barbara Sanford
Description: Lot zoned for commercial use.
Address: 133 Prince Avenue, Bellingham
Price: $651,725.30
Date: 01/23/06

Seller: Sunset Drive Investors, LLC
Buyer: Barkley Crossroads, LLC
Description: 1.18 acres (3 lots) land zoned planned commercial.
Address: 1255 Barkley Blvd. and 3109 Orleans St., Bellingham
Price: $1,229,000
Date: 01/25/06

Seller: MWSH Bellingham, LLC (Salem, OR)
Buyer: Stephanie Hagerty (Albany, OR)
Description: 6.27 acres commercial land. 2 old houses of no commercial value on property.
Address: 333 E. Bakerview Road, Bellingham
Price: $290,580 (1.816% interest)
Date: 01/27/06

Seller: MWSH Bellingham, LLC (Salem, OR)
Buyer: M-DAC Farms, Inc. (Albany, OR)
Description: 6.27 acres commercial land. 2 old houses of no commercial value on property.
Address: 333 E. Bakerview Road, Bellingham
Price: $210,220 (1.314% interest)
Date: 01/27/06

Seller: Fred Meyer Stores, Inc. (Portland, OR)
Buyer: Bakerview Ventures, LLC (Pacific, WA)
Description: 1 lot commercial land.
Address: 1317 W. Bakerview Road, Bellingham
Price: $450,000
Date: 01/30/06

Seller: Fujin Inc.dba Comfort Inn
Buyer: Chicago Exhibitors Corporation
Description: 2.55 acres land zoned general commercial.
Address: Meridian Street and Tull Road, Bellingham
Price: $595,000
Date: 01/30/06

Seller: Ron and Janine Freeman (50% interest) and Doug and Ardis Freeman (50% interest)
Buyer: L & S Holdings, LLC
Description: 5.00 acres land zoned general industrial.
Address: Portal Way, Blaine
Price: $500,000
Date: 1/31/06

Commercial properties
Seller: Akal Enterprises, Inc.
Buyer: Tri-Star Investment Group, LLC (Edmonds, WA)
Description: 72 – unit motel with 32,281 sf, built in 1992, 95 parking spaces.
Address: 125 E. Kellogg Road, Bellingham
Price: $2,630,000
Date: 01/04/06

Seller: Blaine School District #503
Buyer: D.F.G., LLC
Description: Espresso stand with 374 square feet, built in 1997.
Address: 678 14th St., Blaine
Price: $203,163
Date: 01/06/06

Seller: HD Bellingham Funding Co.
Buyer: Cole HD Bellingham, WA, LLC
Description: Store (Home Depot) with a total of 105,276 square feet, includes garden sales area, loading well, vestibules and 518 parking spaces, 9.09 acres land.
Address: 420 Telegraph Road, Bellingham
Price: $21,707,000
Date: 01/12/06

Seller: Kojo Inc.
Buyer: McClellan Family Real Estate, LLC
Description: 1- story warehouse with 3,200 square feet, built in 1977, remodeled in 2004.
Address: 6105 Portal Way, Ferndale, WA 98248
Price: $283,500
Date: 01/17/06

Seller: Dixon and Vivi Hynes
Buyer: City of Bellingham
Description: Grocery Store with 1,000 square feet, includes a 730 sf residence, built in 1900, remodeled in 1994.
Address: 2121 Alabama Street, Bellingham
Price: $420,000 (Eminent Domain)
Date: 01/18/06

Seller: Sequoia Investment Corporation
Buyer: Dave and Debbie Black
Description: Office/warehouse with a total of 2,480 square feet, built in 1990, 1.39 acres land.
Address: 7324 and 8000 Guide Meridian, Lynden
Price: $310,000
Date: 01/23/06

Seller: Wook and Soonja Shin
Buyer: Laknwinder Maini
Description: Grocery store (Kwik Stop Market) with 6,552 square feet, built in 1941, remodeled in 2003.
Address: 1400 West Holly St., Bellingham
Price: $650,000
Date: 01/26/06

Seller: William and Allyson Whyte
Buyer: George and Barbara Peat (50% interest) and John and Barbara Hislop (50% interest)
Description: Restaurant (The Breakers) with 15,774 square feet, built in 1986, office (Julius Realty) with 1,242 square feet, built in 1920, remodeled in 1959, 2.63 acres land; good marine and territorial views, 224 feet waterfront, 370 feet tidelands.
Address: 531 Marine Drive and 1339 Gulf Road, Point Roberts
Price: $2,200,000
Date: 01/27/06

Seller: Self Counsel Press, Inc. (N. Vancouver, B.C.)
Buyer: Juma Properties, LLC
Description: 2 –story warehouse with a total of 5,800 square feet, built in 1947.
Address: 1704 N. State Street, Bellingham
Price: $452,100
Date: 01/27/06

Seller: Morse Square Condominium, LLC
Buyer: Cavin and Misty Philbin
Description: 2 offices with a total of 980 square feet, built in 2005.
Address: #101, 1015 Railroad Ave., Bellingham
Price: $219,890
Date: 01/27/06

Seller: Tom and Sharon Bresciani
Buyer: Lake Whatcom Center Foundation
Description: 1-story Mini Mall with 3,200 square feet, built in 1982, remodeled in 1999, 10 parking spaces.
Address: 601 North Shore Drive, Bellingham
Price: $850,000
Date: 01/31/06

Seller: Colony Wharf, Inc. fka B.C. Investment Corporation, dba The Boatyard at Colony Wharf
Buyer: The City of Bellingham
Description: 5 warehouses with a total 17,700 square feet, built in 1952/1957/1958/remodeled in 1985/1988/and 2000, 520 sf boat storage, and 1,782 sf mobile home office, 6.17 acres land.
Address: 801 Roeder Ave. and C Street, Bellingham
Price: $3,280,727 (Eminent Domain)
Date: 01/31/06

Seller: Brian and Treva Stone
Buyer: Jason and Angela Lenz
Description: 1- story warehouse with 4,800 square feet, built in 1998.
Address: 3959 Hammer Drive, Bellingham
Price: $455,000
Date: 1/31/06



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Washington Latino Business Association — meets the second Tuesday of each
month, 7:30 – 8:45 am in Bellingham. Each meeting offers time for networking and a guest speaker. WLBA is open to all small businesses interested in the Hispanic / Latino markets of Whatcom and Skagit counties. For more information contact Alfred Portillo at 360 223 7318,, or Jesse Cantu at 360 671 3099,


Business licenses
The following business licenses have been awarded in the past month, listed by business name, owner name, and business address:

Avidex, Avidex Industries LLC, 14949 NE 40th St. #100, Redmond, WA 98052.

Blackwell Binder & Bloom, Blackwell Binder & Bloom LLC, 3015 Squalicum Pkwy #160, Bellingham, 98225.

Chinese Hand Massage, Fot & Fot Co. Inc., 1 Bellis Fair Pkwy. Bellingham, 98226.

Envision Consulting, Envision Consulting Inc., 9221 Frost Creek Rd., Maple Falls, 98266.

Happy Hands, Megan E. Wahl, 2321 Victor St., Bellingham, 98225.

Lisa Van Doren Consulting, Lisa A. Van Doren, 3132 E. Kelly Rd., Bellingham, 98226.

Video One, Eero S. Johnson, 1510 1/2 W. North St., Bellingham, 98225.

The Write Words & Design, Elizabeth A. Short, 2008 G St., Bellingham, 98225.

Beyond Limits Yoga, Beyond Limits Yoga LLC, 1317 Cornwall Ave. #203, Bellingham, 98225.

Blue Rock Images, Nelson & Davis, 1138 Bowman Rd., Acme, 98220.

Dharma Dogs, Wendy S. Blum, 2518 Elizabeth St., Bellingham, 98225.

Fiamma Burger, Vitamin G Inc., 1309 Railroad Ave., Bellingham, 98225.

Magnolias Restaurant, Cam & David Corporation, 1317 Commercial St., Bellingham, 98225.

Maple Tree Construction, Maple Tree Construction Inc., 3334 Boxwood Ave., Bellingham, 98225.

SL& L, Shawn L. La Plante, 2659 Alderwood Ave., Bellingham, 98225.

Atlas Plumbing Contracting Company, Atlas Plumbing Contracting Co., 4087 Bakerview Valley Rd. #C314, Bellingham, 98226.

Best Chopsticks, Best Chopsticks Corporation, 121 Unity St., Bellingham, 98225.

Piercing Pagoda #2404, Zale Delaware Inc., 1 Bellis Fair Pkwy. #3516, Bellingham, 98226.

Resource Solutions, Marie E. Pavlik, 2608 St. Clair St., Bellingham, 98226.

Aerotech Golf, Mermaid Bay Enterprises LLC, 1971 Midway Ln. #D, Bellingham, 98226.

Glen Lamphiear III Woodworks, Glen Lamphiear III, 465 Sudden Valley, Bellingham, 98229.

Inner Landscapes, Nancy Emeral Haygeman, 115 Unity St., Bellingham, 98225.

LP Vision Care, Lydia Pan, 4299 Meridian St., Bellingham, 98226.

Red’s Dirt Work, Rick R. Henderson, 6010 Fazon Rd., Bellingham, 98226.

Terry A. Neumann, Terry A. Neumann, 2207 Elm St., Bellingham, 98225.

Advanced Electrical Contractors Inc., Craig A. Gunst, 804 Bender Pl., Lynden, 98264.

Ankenman Marchand Architects, Timothy Ankenman Architect Inc., 1675 5th Ave. W., Vancouver, BC V6J 1N5.

Backcountry Essentials, Chris S. Gerston, 2800 Northwest Ave., Bellingham, 98225.

Collision Investigation Solutions, Steven P. Gatterman, 3015 E. North St., Bellingham, 98226.

Sound Travels Far, Cecil C. Tinker-Smith, 5765 Mosquito Lake Rd., Deming, 98244.

Dean’s Tree Service, Dean’s Tree Service Inc., 607 Wilson Ave., Bellingham, 98225.

Hendricks Painting & Construction, Hendricks Painting & Const LL, 583 11th St., Blaine, 98230.

Stepping Out, Cindy Y. Avinger, 4750 Birch Bay Lynden Rd. #116, Blaine, 98230.

Bellingham Business Eview, Local Business Services Of Wa., 909 Harris Ave. #202-C, Bellingham, 98225.

Gibbys Auto, Kerry M. Bragg, 2401 Iron St., Bellingham, 98225.

Korie L. Van Brocklin, Korrie L.Van Brocklin, 403 W 2nd St., Nooksack, 98276.

Lani & Company, Lani E Momeyer, 1858 Emerald Lake Way, Bellingham, 98226.

Law Office Of Carl A Munson Jr PLLC, Carl J. Munson, 104 W. Magnolia St. #212, Bellingham, 98225.

Cascade Art House, Nicole B. Davis, 2730 Peabody St., Bellingham, 98225.

Greatcoat Press, Greatcoat Press, 3228 Peabody St., Bellingham, 98225.

N D Construction, Nikolay D. Melnyk, 335 Meadowbrook Ct. #107, Bellingham, 98226.

Oral Traditions, Susana C. Stubblefield, 1909 18th St. #I-3, Bellingham, 98225.

Cookie Lee Jewelry By Kiersten Johnson, Kiersten L. Johnson, 1324 Roma Rd., Bellingham, 98226.

Jan Bowman & Associates, Jan Bowman & Associates Inc., 519 E. Magnolia St., Bellingham, 98225.

La Bonne Crepe, La Bonne Crepe LLC, 1616 Knox Ave., Bellingham, 98225.

Lisa Thompson Graphic Design, Lisa M. Thompson, 2501 F St. #1, Bellingham, 98225.

Mike & Son Auto Sales, Mike & Son Auto Sales Inc., 203 Ball St., Sedro Woolley, WA 98284.

Real Beauty, Real Beauty LLC, 1321 Railroad Ave. #200, Bellingham, 98225.

Red Barn Lavender, Marvin D. Fast, 3106 Thornton Rd., Ferndale, 98248.

Wavewalker, Wavewalker Inc., 8308 N. Pass Rd., Everson, 98247.

Aero Consulting, Natalie P. Bulkley, 2821 Cornwall Ave., Bellingham, 98225.

Applied Logistical Concepts, Aaron C. Crabtree, 1026 22nd St. #102, Bellingham, 98225.

Eartheart Health Center, Peter A. Eartheart, 1200 Harris Ave. #203, Bellingham, 98225.

Julie M. Neevel, Julie M. Neevel, 2000 Knox Ave. #12, Bellingham, 98225.

SIECS, Jess L. Talbert, 918 Talcott St., Sedro-Woolley, WA 98284.

Creative Instincts, Stefan K. Hansen, 2721 Blue Jay Valley Ln., Maple Falls, WA 98266.

Seattle Construction Resources, Seattle Construction Resources, 1414 Elliott Ave. W., Seattle, WA 98119.

Stephen King Creative, Stephen King Creative LLC, 2818 Humboldt St., Bellingham, 98225.

Thanks And More, Cary M. Christensen, 4148 Deemer Rd. #101, Bellingham, 98226.

Ampco Manufacturers Inc., Ampco Manufacturers Inc., 1405 Fraser St. #3, Bellingham, 98229.

Bountiful Harvest, Suzanna J. Patten, 851 E McLeod Rd., Bellingham, 98226.

Christopher P. Crow, Christopher P. Crow, 2820 Eldridge Ave., Bellingham, 98225.

Engravable Images, Christopher L. Hahn, 1 Bellis Fair Pkwy., Bellingham, 98226.

In-Your-Home Tutoring, Academic Partners LLC, 4622 Noon Rd., Bellingham, 98226.

Rising Sun Motors, Rising Sun Motors Inc., 2126 Pacific St., Bellingham, 98229.

You Buy It & We Install It Floors, You Buy It & We Install It, 3025 E. Smith Rd., Bellingham, 98226.

Zenders Truck Parts & Service, Zenders Truck & Equipment, 3709 Bennett Dr., Bellingham, 98225.

Argyle Salon, Clara S. Senger, 1344 King St. #102, Bellingham, 98229.

Bill’s Cleaning Company, William C. Campbell, 4625 Cordata Pkwy. #342, Bellingham, 98226.

David Harnden-Warwick, David Harnden-Warwick, 2934 St Paul St., Bellingham, 98226.

North West Climate Solutions, Louis D, Dupree, 2221 Cedar Ln., Sedro-Woolley, WA 98284.

Hall Construction, Hall Construction Inc., 4811 E. Oregon St., Bellingham, 98226.

J & J African Imports, J & J African Imports LLC, 980 Sudden Vly., Bellingham, 98229.

The Challenger Group, David G. Wareing, 1537 Lowell Ave., Bellingham, 98229.

Complements, Pamela R. Lang, 1621 E. 56th Pl., Bellingham, 98226.

Kwik Stop Market, Malhi Enterprises Inc., 1400 W. Holly St., Bellingham, 98225.

Vinegar Works Books, Vinegar Works Books LLC, 1304 39th St., Bellingham, 98229.

A2 Sports, A2 Sports Corporation, 1975 Midway Ln #J, Bellingham, 98226.

All Season Massage, Debra J. Erlewine, 2301 Elm St., Bellingham, 98225.

Brimar LLC., Brimar LLC., 86 Appaloosa Ln., Bellingham, 98229.

Fitness Together-Barkley, Fitness Alliance Inc., 2075 Barkley Blvd. #240, Bellingham, 98226.

Gladys Hyatt CPA, Gladys Hyatt CPA PS, 2220 W. Birch St., Bellingham, 98229.

Jellybarn, Jellybarn Inc., 1106 Harris Ave. #206, Bellingham, 98225.

The Knob Shop & Home Gallery, Knob Shop & Home Gallery LLC, 1204 Railroad Ave. #102, Bellingham, 98225.

Main Street Mortgage & Realty Center, Main Street Mortgage Co. Inc., 707 W. Bakerview Rd., Bellingham, 98226.

McKesson Automation Systems Inc., McKesson Corporation, 2800 MacArthur Dr. #100, Alexandria, LA 71301.

Proactiv Solutions, North American Kiosk LLC, 1 Bellis Fair Pkwy., Bellingham, 98226.

Prographics, Prographics Corporation,1975 Midway Ln. #I, Bellingham, 98226.

Rochelle Burlingame LMP, Rochelle L. Burlingame, 1050 Larrabee Ave. #201, Bellingham, 98225.

Deb K. Slater, Deb K. Slater, 2007 G St. #1, Bellingham, 98225.

Freeman Investigations, Lawrence E. Freeman, P.O. Box 5771, Bellingham, 98227.

Home Re-Struction, Trudy A. Hovorka, 7928 Portal Way, Custer, WA 98240.

Janelle S. Tiernan, Attorney at Law, Janelle S. Tiernan, 1056 Kenoyer Dr., Bellingham, 98229.

L&D Cleaning, Delma C. Sinclair, 2800 Williams St., Bellingham, 98225.

McGary Business Support Services, Tiffany L. McGary, 2100 Electric Ave. #416, Bellingham, 98229.

Northwest Design Services, Northwest Design Services LLC, 7324 Guide Meridian Rd., Lynden, WA 98264.

Left Coast Construction, Jason M. Murdzia, 4714 College St., Bellingham, 98229.

Liquor licenses
The following licensing activity has been noted by the state liquor board:

New Licenses
Vitamin G Inc., Kenneth Bothman and Daniel Bothman, have applied to sell beer/wine at off-site catering functions and in a restaurant, Fiamma Burger, at 1309 Railroad Ave., Bellingham. Filed Jan. 10.

1/24/2006 Super Teriyaki, Susan Marry Kim, has applied for a license to sell beer/wine in a restaurant, Super Teriyaki, at 2019 Harris Ave., Bellingham. Filed Jan. 24.



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