Vast Difference Productions opens for filming

By Isaac Bonnell

Bellingham’s newest video production company, Vast Difference Productions, opened for business this summer.

Co-owners Christian Saxton and Patrick Rickard offer filming and production services for commercials, weddings and music videos. They met while attending Western Washington University and decided to launch their own business. To keep costs low, they don’t have a retail or office location.

While in college, the pair worked for the campus TV station and produced several shows and music videos for local bands such as Yogoman Burning Band and The Whiskey Wailers.

“Since I was 15, this is all I’ve wanted to do,” Saxton said.

The feeling is mutual for Rickard: “I always wanted to do two things in life: be an actor or a spy,” he said. After a few years in the military — the spy thing “didn’t work out” — Rickard then enrolled at Western and found that he enjoyed all aspects of film, not just acting.

“I’ve learned that I really like doing the behind-the-scenes stuff like directing and producing as much as acting,” he said.

For more information, call Vast Difference Productions at (360) 961-5449 or visit

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