Village Books donates $1,376 to schools and Excellence Northwest

Through a variety of fundraisers in November and December, Village Books has donated $1,376 to local schools and to the nonprofit organization Excellence Northwest.

Every November, the bookstore sponsors “School Nights” at the store to help local schools earn store credit for their school libraries. These events bring school staff, students, families and friends into our store. For all purchases made by these school supporters, Village Books donates 20 percent of the sales as store credit for the school library.

The five participating schools — Happy Valley Elementary School, Wade King Elementary School, Pioneer Meadows Montessori School, Cedar Tree Montessori School, and Explorations Academy — earned a combined $1,151 in store credit.

On Dec. 3, Village Books hosted a fundraising day for the local nonprofit Excellence Northwest. Dubbed “Excellence NW Day,” supporters and members of the nonprofit earned a percentage of their sales as a cash donation. This event earned the organization $225.

“Village Books’ theme has long been ‘building community, one book at a time,’” said Village Books co-owner Chuck Robinson in a press release. “Not only do we believe that books and education are important; we believe that community is extremely important, and we’re thrilled to be able to help those organizations and institutions that help strengthen the community.”

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