Vintage trailer company unveils mobile Airstream bar

Angi Soulier wasn’t a fan of vintage trailers before she bought one to rent out as a way to diversify her income. That was in 2013. Now she calls herself a trailer ninja.

Soulier and her husband Jim restore and sell vintage trailers, in addition to offering trailer rentals. They run their business, called Old School Trailer Works, out of a garage near Irongate Road.

“It turned into a vintage trailer habit, much to my husband’s chagrin,” Soulier said. “We love adventure and this is our adventure.”

Soulier has two vintage trailers available for rent – a blue 1970 Boler named Bella and an orange 1985 U-haul named Dash. They both have beds, kitchens and tables inside their restored vintage interiors. Most of Soulier’s customers either come from out of town and rent a trailer to explore the Northwest, or they’re locals who rent a trailer for a road trip, Soulier said.

“These things have been to the Grand Canyon, they regularly get taken several states over, and they also get local use,” Soulier said. “Someone’s renting one to take it to Mount Baker next month.”

Soulier and her husband just finished a new trailer that will further diversify their business. They bought a 1960 Airstream Flying Cloud last year, gutted the interior, and turned it into a mobile bar that they plan to rent out for weddings and events.

Soulier and her husband did all the work themselves.

“It was just a complete gut job. Most of them are,” she said. “That’s why we love Airstreams; you can do anything with them.”

The aluminum-paneled trailer has a service counter below a window that opens outward for serving food and drinks. Next to the bar there’s a sink, a reservoir to store ice, and space for a keg. At the other end of the trailer, a couch seats 10 people next to a TV and DVD player.

Soulier imagines it being used for corporate events, weddings and parties.

Soulier is a self-described serial entrepreneur. Her other businesses include an interior design and general contracting company called Tandem Design and Construction, and a nonprofit called Evangeline International, which works to supply children in Ethiopia with clean water.

Soulier started the trailer business to have another stream of income after the after the recession started. So far it’s working, she said.

“There’s a huge demand for the tow trailers. We get five or so emails a day about them, but they only get rented frequently in the summer,” Soulier said. “The new one is a different venture since it’s solely an event rental. People will pay more to have unique cool factor at their wedding.”


Angi Soulier, owner of Old School Trailer Works, and her mobile Airstream bar
Angi Soulier, owner of Old School Trailer Works, and her mobile Airstream bar
[Photo courtesy of Old School Trailer Works]
[Photo courtesy of Old School Trailer Works]

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