WAG tours the waterfront


photo by Isaac Bonnell


City councilman Jack Weiss, right, talks with Waterfront Advisory Group member Robyn du Pre about the reuse potential of the Barking and Chipping Plant during an April 15 WAG tour of the industrial site. The WAG and members of the public were given the opportunity to walk around the now empty Georgia-Pacific site, and the tour preceded an agreement between the city and port on the “major bones” of a street grid for the site.

Mike Stoner, the environmental director for the port, led the tour and pointed out four of the old brick buildings that are being discussed for adaptive reuse.

“Every time I go out there it helps adjust my perspective on this project,” he said. “It really is quite big.”

The buildings being discussed include the Granary Building, the Board Mill, the Steam Plant, and the Barking and Chipping Plant. The two cylindrical storage tanks are also being considered.



All photos by Isaac Bonnell



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