Who is Harcourt: a look at the potential port redeveloper

Who is Harcourt?

Dublin-based Harcourt Developments Limited, the firm with the potential to develop 10.8 acres of Bellingham’s industrial waterfront, is a development, management, and investment company with a portfolio of international projects.

Their work includes retail and residential developments, as well as award-winning hotels and offices in Ireland, London, Las Vegas and the Bahamas.

The Titanic Quarter in Belfast is perhaps Harcourt’s most well-known project. The 300-acre project is a redevelopment of a former shipyard where the Titanic was built. The project is on land part-owned by Belfast Harbour Commissioners.

The “Titanic Experience” museum is the project’s center piece, but the former shipyard also includes a mix of parks, and residential and commercial buildings.

Ken Hardesty, a Ferndale resident who worked at the former Georgia Pacific plant on the waterfront, visited the Titanic Quarter on vacation this year.

“It’s all built around the waterway,” Hardesty said about the Titanic Quarter. “It’s a huge area, like the GP site. There’s a lot of open space and they’ve really developed it nice.”

Harcourt submitted a proposal for the redevelopment project in July 2013 with its local partner, Tin Rock Developments Inc. Three other groups submitted proposals for the project.

“[Harcourt] has done deals of this size before and they have the financial wherewithal to do this one,” said Rob Fix, Port of Bellingham executive director. “Not everybody who put a proposal forward has that.”


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