Wisdom Reviews: Effective Christian-Based Biblical Herb Ingredients That Work for Weight Loss?

Wisdom by Dr. Patrick Gentempo is described as The World’s First Christian Daily Supplement in that its formulation is based...

Wisdom by Dr. Patrick Gentempo is described as The World’s First Christian Daily Supplement in that its formulation is based on eight biblical herbs. Its sole goal is to aid in rejuvenating your health and transforming your energy levels naturally.

Below is a more detailed look into this dietary supplement and what it offers.

About Dr. Patrick Gentempo – Its Creator

Dr. Patrick Gentempo, is a multi-patent holder, a globally-renowned chiropractor, host of Christ Revealed, and a documentary filmmaker. His patents span several sub sectors of healthcare technologies and have helped to launch several products.

During his career, he has appeared in front of a White House Commission and testified in Congress. Additionally, he has been featured on Forbes.com and appeared in numerous TV and Radio broadcast shows, besides serving for 23+ years as the CEO of a top chiropractic alliance. And as a filmmaker, his docuseries have touched the lives of millions of people worldwide.

Introducing Wisdom – The Key to Revitalizing Your Health and Boosting Your Energy Levels

Wisdom is a Christian Daily Supplement formulated using herbal supplements featured widely in the Bible. Apart from being featured in the Holy Book, each of the eight elements comes backed by decades of independent research and dozens of high-quality peer-reviewed journals and studies.

Blending these herbs can enable you to build strong muscles and bones, balance stress hormones, regulate your metabolism, and promote healthy immune functions. Their benefits have already been experienced by an innumerable number of Christians worldwide.

The supplement is believed to contain life-changing effects, which is why customers keep coming back for more. Before we go any further, the manufacturer wants you to know that all herbs used in it are grown and harvested following USDA organic farming best practices.

The processing occurs in a cGMP-certified manufacturing facility. The entire process uses a patented ‘Raw Herbal Extraction Technology’ to ensure that only the best ingredients make it to the final product.

All elements used in making Wisdom Dietary Supplement have been proven to aid in boosting vitality, energy levels, and more. And the best part is that they do this naturally, regardless of your age.

The ingredients used in Wisdom can:

  • Support a healthy inflammatory response by assisting in relieving stubborn and recurrent joint pain.
  • Rejuvenate your skin: Wisdom’s formulation makes it capable of rolling back the effects of aging, allowing you to minimize the appearance of age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles.
  • Regulate your stress hormones: By keeping your hormones in check, you get to enjoy peace of mind and serenity in your daily life.
  • Assists in promoting healthy immune functions: The eight herbs in Wisdom help shield the body from viruses and foreign bacteria.
  • Clean your body of toxins: You benefit from ongoing liver support helping to protect you from thousands of environment-based chemicals.
  • Supports healthy blood sugar levels management: healthy blood sugar levels assist in fighting against all illnesses.
  • Encourage antioxidation activity: Wisdom enhances antioxidation activities in the body, aiding in protecting your organs from deterioration by helping the body process free radicals and eliminate toxins.
  • Help in regulating weight and body metabolism: Its ingredients make it possible for the body to burn fat from your upper arms, hips, buns, and belly. They also help in eliminating cravings and curbing appetite.

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Wisdom Dietary Supplement Ingredients

According to Dr. Patrick, science has finally started to acknowledge what was there for everyone to see – that God, the creator, was right from the beginning. Below is a look at all the herbs that have gone into making this supplement.

Please note that all statements made hereafter are backed by years of scientific studies and research. Alongside each ingredient, you’ll find the corresponding bible verse to help you understand how it’s connected to the Holy Book.

Turmeric (Song of Solomon 4:14)

Turmeric herb has an active compound called curcumin. To date, this compound has undergone 7,000+ studies which have shown that it can play a significant role in transforming your life.

For example, a study featured in the Oncogene Journal evaluated diverse anti-inflammatory compounds sampled from across the globe. In their findings, the researchers noted that turmeric can support a healthy inflammatory response.

Some medical professionals also hold that it can aid in easing occasional joint discomfort, combating obesity, and boosting overall skin health.

Anise (Matthew 23:23)

Its inclusion in Wisdom has everything to do with its immense therapeutic effects. Anise seeds are rich in iron which the body needs to aid in the production of healthy blood cells. These cells help in transporting oxygen to body cells, enabling the body to make energy.

Anise supports natural immunity, protects against stomach ulcers, and promotes overall good health. Other benefits include easing menopause-related symptoms, helping lower stress levels, supporting healthy mood levels, and easing tension all over the body.

Cinnamon (Exodus 30:23: The Anointing Oil)

The Anointing Oil, as it’s called in the Holy Book, was considered more precious than gold at one point. It’s revered in the supplement industry because of its potent medicinal qualities, with studies showing that it has beneficial antioxidative properties.

Researchers believe it contains 41+ different antioxidant compounds, explaining why it features broadly in heart health and blood sugar support supplements.

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Hyssop (Psalm 51:7)

Hyssop is derived from the mint family and is a sweet-smelling plant used by the Israelites in ceremonial rituals. In biblical days, burning this herb signified a form of internal cleansing. Modern studies have shown that it aids in promoting circulation, which boosts the functions of the muscles and arteries. Some studies have also shown that it can aid in soothing muscle pain.

Frankincense (Matthew 2:11)

Professionals in the medical field have used Frankincense for medicinal purposes for more than 2,000 years. It also acts as one of the most potent essential oils available today.

Its healing properties are derived from its active compounds, which include boswellic acid and terpenes. Both compounds have undergone studies in leading universities worldwide and have been found to contain potent anti-inflammatory compounds. It is also known to assist in boosting immune functions.

Myrrh (Esther, 2:12)

Myrrh features prominently in the Bible, where it has been used in various forms, including:

  • A spice, An anointing oil, a salve to anoint the dead, a gift from the Three Wise Men to baby Jesus
  • and a natural treatment for various afflictions ranging from hemorrhoids to earaches.
  • In modern-day science, a study published by the Fitoterapia Journal found that this oil is more potent than vitamin E. It is a powerful antioxidant capable of fighting free radicals throughout the body.

Tulsi – Holy Basil

Tusi is an excellent source of holy cleansing and vitamin K, making it ideal for helping promote heart health and bone development. Some studies have shown it can support lipid, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels.

Researchers are conducting ongoing studies on this herb to study its antidepressant and anti-anxiety effects on cognitive and memory function.

Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle is today widely regarded for its anti aging effects. It contains many antioxidation properties that can assist your organs and skin surface. Other benefits include supporting the liver and kidneys in filtering toxins.

These eight herbs can enable you to experience biblical Wisdom and help heal your body while calming your mind. Each herb plays a unique role in the body in promoting general wellness.

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The Patented, ‘Raw Extraction Process”, Used in Formulating Wisdom Dietary Supplement

The extraction process applied in the making of Wisdom goes all the way from the seed selection process to the creation of the final product. It’s a process that has taken ten years of discovery, testing, and crafting to perfect.

Its perfection guarantees that every batch of Wisdom preserves the original plant’s life, potency, color, and smell. And this is noticeable immediately when you compare Wisdom with its competitors! Wisdom Dietary Supplement has a pure and earthy taste, and its color and scent make it seem like a plant you’ve just plucked from the wild.

According to its official Wisdom website, its creator has proudly created the Wisdom formula using the following:

  • A one-of-a-kind patented ‘raw herbal extraction’ technology
  • Organic farming practices

It all starts with the extraction process:

Step 1: Selection of the best herbs

Only high-quality herbs get utilized in the manufacturing process. For the herbs to make the cut, they must come from clean, certified, organic farms.

Step 2: Becoming good stewards to help protect the herbs

Dr. Patrick and his team have committed to adhering to organic principles, which involve using eco-friendly technology on farms. The use of green technology assists in reducing the strain placed on the environment (local and global).

Step 3: The extraction process makes certain that the sanctity of each herb gets preserved

Most companies try to squeeze out as much as they can from each plant. In the process, they end up exposing their extracts to alcohol, high heat, toxic tubes, and metal containers.

The Wisdom team has adopted a slow and steady approach which ensures that all extracts are contained in clean, glass-based vessels. And rather than use heat extraction, it prefers using the slow and lengthy cold processing technology.

By doing so, it ensures that it preserves all the prized elements in a plant, helping it create a formulation with potent healing capabilities. What’s more, Dr. Patrick and his associates only use triple distilled water and organic vegetable glycerin in the extraction process.

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How to Use Wisdom Dietary Supplements Effectively

There are three effective ways to use the Wisdom supplement, as shown below:

  • Place two drops of this liquid on your tongue at any time during the course of the day
  • Add it to your teas, smoothies, or salads for additional flavor. The supplement has a unique flavor allowing you to add it to your meals or beverages.
  • Apply it straight to your skin every night before heading to bed. You can apply this supplement to your skin before bedtime. Applying it to the skin will allow it to tighten, revitalize, and moisten your skin throughout the night.

Please note that the Wisdom Dietary supplement:

  • It doesn’t contain any preservatives
  • Is non-GMO
  • Is gluten-free
  • Is sugar-free
  • Is soy-free
  • Is dairy-free

Pricing and Availability

Wisdom is available on its official website at a significantly discounted rate. At the time of writing, the dietary supplement is retailing at the rates shown below:

  • One Month Supply at $59 + FREE shipping
  • Three Month Supply at $49 each + FREE shipping
  • Six Month Supply at $39 each + FREE shipping

A 180-day money-back guarantee helps protect every Wisdom order completed today.

Who Can Use Wisdom Dietary Supplement?

Wisdom is a natural Christian supplement that every person can enjoy. Some of the age groups of individuals that it can benefit include the following:

  • Active Seniors: It assists in normalizing blood sugar, revitalizes the skin, supports blood pressure, and reduces joint inflammation.
  • On-the-Go Individuals: Wisdom is perfect for individuals who are looking to boost their immune functions, lower their stress levels, and increase their energy naturally.
  • Fitness Enthusiasts: It helps regulate metabolic processes, increase circulation, and provide support against occasional muscular pain.

Refund Policy

Wisdom comes with a 180-day money-back guarantee to protect your investment in the unlikely event that you fail to benefit from these eight biblical herbs. Contact the support team for a refund, and wait a few days to receive it in your account.

The no-questions-asked refund policy means you can even return empty Wisdom bottles and send them an email at:

  • Email Support: support@christrevealed.com
  • Return Product Address: 4610 Prime Parkway, McHenry, IL 60050


Q. How does Wisdom Dietary Supplement taste like?

A. The supplement tastes delicious. It tastes fantastic because its creators used rich essential oils throughout the manufacturing process. Please note that it doesn’t contain any sweeteners or stevia.

Q. You can use it with your favorite drinks, teas, and salads.

Q. Does it contain GMOs, sugars, soy, dairy, or gluten?

A No. It’s free of all these elements

Q. How should customers take Wisdom?

A. Dr. Patrick recommends taking one to two drops per day.

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