Woods Coffee releases bottled cold-brew

Woods Coffee’s cold-brew has ridden a wave of success since the Whatcom County chain introduced it in 2012. On July 28, Woods Coffee started selling it in 12-ounce single-serve bottles.

Woods Coffee makes their cold-brew using a 12-hour cold water extraction process that results in less acidic coffee, said owner Wes Herman, in a press release. The brand previously sold cold-brew coffee in stores and in growlers.

“People are looking for ways to take the cold-brew coffee with them wherever they go, without sacrificing taste,” Herman said. “The new single serve bottle is a great way to get fresh, cold-brew coffee whenever you want it.”

Woods Coffee makes its cold-brew coffee daily in Lynden and distributes it to all 14 Woods locations. The brand announced on May 29 that all its roasting is now done in-house.

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