Workers placing wells at old Cornwall landfill to study water contaminants

Workers will start installing wells along the shoreline at the Cornwall Avenue Landfill cleanup site along Bellingham’s central waterfront on Monday, July 16.

The wells will help researchers study groundwater contamination at the site. The Washington State Department of Ecology, which is overseeing the cleanup of the site, plans to release a report on the contamination in 2013.

The landfill site contains about 17 acres on the southern end of Cornwall Avenue. It was first used in 1888 for sawmill operations and later as a municipal landfill.

The Port of Bellingham has hired contractors to install the wells and collect samples. The project is estimated to cost about $100,000—half of which will be reimbursed by the ecology department through a state-run remedial action grant program funded by a voter-approved tax on hazardous substances. The other half will be covered by the port and the city of Bellingham.

More detailed information is available on the ecology department’s website.

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