WWU continuing ed program hosting forum on professional development and "transfer of learning"

The Continuing and College Education Master’s Program at Western Washington University is hosting a public forum focused on professional development and training from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on April 17.

The free event features insight from Sandra Ratcliff Daffron and Mary Wehby North, researchers and authors of the book, “Successful Transfer of Learning,” a compilation of their studies into how professional groups take knowledge and skills gained from a learning atmosphere and apply them to a job atmosphere.

It features guests from Boeing, Microsoft, AirGas, BP and Tesoro Corp., as well as professionals in public safety, health care and higher education.

Daffron is professor of adult education at Western Washington University with 27 years’ experience in continuing professional education and training.

North is an international training consultant, specializing in job-related personal development classes and “transfer of training” strategies for professionals.

The forum will be held in Miller Hall Room 152 on WWU’s campus. It will also be streamed online live at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/wwu-live-events1.

Event agenda

6 p.m.—Welcome by Dean Francisco Rios, Woodring College of Education

6-6:10 p.m.—Explanation of the research and model: Sandra Daffron and Mary North

6:10-6:50 p.m.—First group discussion: Sandra Daffron, moderator
The group discussion will have approximately 4 or 5 people face-to-face and 3-4 recorded remarks from speakers. It will cover the first three variables of the model. Topics include: the planning process, learner characteristics and motivation, and design and delivery. Speakers: Brandi Petz, Wayne Dibble, Rosemary Caffarella (audio), Paul Goddard, Alex McAdam, Wendy Bohlke, James Doran (audio), John Daffron and Diane Cowdrey (audio).

The moderator controls the discussion by asking questions of the panelists with each person in the group answering questions and also commenting on each other’s points. The format is point with counter point and each person will have time to speak. The group will have representatives from a mix of professions, not all trainers in one and not all faculty in another; rather it is a demographically representative group. The group discussion will be a mix of research with practice and questions from the audience. There will be several audio taped interviews shown during this section, with only a few minutes each.

6:50-7:30 p.m.—Research and practice in professional education, an international panel representing: U.S., Canada, Scotland, Libya and Great Britain. Speakers: Gail Goulet, Rowena Passy, Angie Maddox, Ageila Ali Elabbar

7:30-7:45 p.m.—Reception

7:45-8:20 p.m.—Second group discussion: Mary North, moderator
The discussion will cover the last three variables of the model. Topics include: the learning context, immediate application and workplace environment. Speakers: John Gray (audio), Randy Stegmeier, Ramond Hamilton, Robert Rowden (audio), Steve Monroe, Gail Goulet, Jan Rozzelle (audio) and Amy Riedel.

8:20-8:30 p.m.—Open discussion: Eliminating barriers to transfer to practice, with Sandra Daffron and Mary North.

An open discussion with entire group and audience about overcoming barriers to transfer and a summary of the comments of both group discussion and what has been learned about overcoming barriers.

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