WWU industrial design students showing off "ReMade" products during Downtown Art Walk

Industrial design students from Western Washington University are presenting work from their annual design challenge at the Ideal design shop during the June 1 Downtown Art Walk.

Students from the junior class of WWU’s industrial design program will showcase work for the department’s “ReMade” project from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Each year during the four-week project, students produce products from consumer or manufacturing waste with a focus on recyclability, life-cycle analysis and design for production.

For this year’s theme, “Textiles-Plus,” each student found materials for, designed, manufactured and branded 20 products.

Some of the creations include a cold-pack/ice bag using waterproof fabric, fabric dolls designed after children’s drawings, zippered pouches cut from suit jackets, a stool fashioned from bent rebar and denim, bowls and table runners made from rope, drinking mugs designed using beakers, bread baskets made using marine insulation liner and “up-cycled” tablecloths and necklaces using fabric from repurposed scarves.

The finished products will be up for sale.

Ideal is located at 1227 Cornwall Ave. in downtown Bellingham.


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