WWU professor displaying artwork in Monterey, Calif.

Western Washington University art professor Sharron Antholt’s new work will be on display in the Green Chalk Contemporary Gallery in Monterey, Calif. from Sept. 20 to Nov. 30.

Antholt reduces fortresses, temples, and other three dimensional forms to flat shapes in an attempt to find their essence, according to a press release. The collection of work, titled “India,” is on paper and canvas.

The work is influenced by Antholt’s 2013 trip to Tamil Nuda, in South India, and long periods in which she lived in Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and India between 1963 and 1985.

A theme of the work is “a feeling of condensed or collapsed time which powerfully permeates everyday life in India; the sensation of thousands of years existing in a single moment,” Antholt said in the news release.

For more information, see Green Chalk Contrmporary Gallery’s website: http://www.greenchalkcontemporary.com/.

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