WWU spring course to teach career prep skills

Western Washington University’s College of Business and Economics plans to offer a new course for WWU students and community members covering business professionalism and career preparation.

Participants will gain experience and insight in preparing for job searches and learn skills necessary to succeed in their future careers. They will learn how to search for jobs and enhance their professional success while gaining valuable career tips from successful business professionals.

The 10-week course is offered at noon on Thursdays starting April 3. The class meets once per week and is divided into two 45-minute segments; there is a 45-minute lecture followed by small groups sessions where students apply the skills learned in lecture.

According to WWU, participants will also:

– Develop an understanding of their personal competitive advantages.
– Customize personal marketing tools (e.g., cover letter, resume, LinkedIn profile, career portfolio, etc.) to fit their identified career path.
– Gain competency in job searching strategies.
– Enhance their personal/career networks by utilizing face-to-face and virtual opportunities.
– Identify personalized communication strategies to enhance interview skills.
– Develop a better understanding of employer expectations, during the recruiting process and on the job.

For more information, visit www.wwu.edu/careerprep, email ExtendedEd@wwu.edu  or call 360-650-3308.

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